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We trust that we will provide you with additional information that will answer many of your questions. Each year we work to provide a fair environment in which women have the opportunity to compete not against others, but challenge themselves. We trust the pageant encourages the contestants to build self-confidence, individual pride, and a greater self-awareness.
Each contestant should be able to improve their ability to communicate effectively, to speak in front of people comfortably, and to stand up for what they believe in. We encourage our contestants to find causes or issues they feel strongly about, and to become involved in organizations that speak closest to their hearts. Every woman who enters the pageant has different ideals and goals and strives hard in their personal quest for excellence.
We are pleased that a majority of contestants each year have never participated in a pageant and they find it to be a rewarding and worthwhile experience. Many contestants have won their first time out, and many others return because of the positive experience they had in our program. We like to think that each contestant walks away from our program with an invigorating perspective about the world around her, and more importantly, the world ahead of her.
Our philosophy for the New Jersey State Pageant programs are not about encouraging women and young girls to "win" a pageant, but to encourage them to develop life skills that will ultimately help them win in life by being their personal best in everything they do.

Mrs. - Age 18+ and Legally Married
Miss - Age 18+ Unmarried


Each contestant will compete in several phases of competition.  

  • Interview (50% of overall score): Preliminary interviews. You will have a three-minute interview with a panel of judges. It's very comfortable and conversational. Contestants are scored on their communication skills, and personality. They are NOT scored on the judge’s opinions or personal beliefs.

  • Opening number - Each contestant will announce their name and local title. 

  • Swimsuit: Each contestant is evaluated on her physical fitness, stage-presence and overall impression.

  • Evening Gown: Each contestant is evaluated on grace, poise, style, stage presence, the confidence with which she carries herself and overall-impression. Judges are instructed to evaluate the contestant, not the dress she is wearing.

  • On stage Q&A: Each contestant will be asked a question on stage and will have 15 seconds to answer. 

  • Announcement of  top 5 or Top 3 depending on how many are competing.

  • Final round of on-stage Q&A 

  • Additional Awards Given, Community Service Award, Director's Award, Brand Ambassador 

  • Crowing of winners - Mrs. New Jersey America, Mrs. New Jersey American and Miss New Jersey for America Strong 


LOCATION: Central New Jersey



MRS and MISS Winners will receive:

  • Official Crown

  • Official State Title Sash

  • Official Winners Plague

  • Opportunity to Compete at the 2024 National Pageant in Las Vegas, NV

  • Hotel, meals and activities 

  • Official Mrs. America/Miss for America Strong Swimsuit and opening number dress

  • Exclusive Interview by Mrs. WorldWide Pagentry

  • Appearance and volunteer opportunities 

  • Sponsorship gifts (subject to change)

AWARDS GIVEN (Mrs. and Miss only in 2024):

  • Legacy Queen Director's Award: $200 Cash Prize

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