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Executive Director

Empowering Women and Making an Impact 
Ilsy J Hoo Connelly, with her remarkable 25 years of corporate experience in financial services, has carved a unique path in the world of pageantry. From a dedicated wife and mother, she rose to become the Miss New Jersey America Strong titleholder in 2020. 
Today, she serves as the Executive Director for New Jersey for the prestigious Mrs. America/Miss for America Strong organization. Connelly's mission centers around empowering women, providing lifelong skills, and giving back to the community. Through her pageant system, she offers women a platform to showcase their talents and accomplishments while fostering a focus on community service and personal growth. 
By placing community service as its number one priority, she instills a sense of purpose and responsibility in contestants. Through various initiatives and projects, Connelly ensures that participants make a meaningful impact in their communities. 
One of Connelly's fundamental beliefs is the importance of women uplifting and supporting one another. As a women-owned business, she understands the significance of fostering an environment of encouragement and empowerment. By nurturing an atmosphere of collaboration, she creates a space where contestants can develop their confidence, skills, and self-esteem. 
Connelly's vision extends beyond the realm of pageantry. Her ultimate goal is to create positive change in the world. Connelly aims to contribute to the betterment of society. 
Ilsy J Hoo Connelly's remarkable journey from a corporate career to the world of pageantry exemplifies her resilience, dedication, and passion for empowering women. 
Connelly is making a lasting impact in the lives of women and communities across New Jersey.

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Meet The Team


Courtney Rice
2022 Miss NJ for America Strong
Pageant Community Service Lead



Nicole Patrick
Lead Makeup Artist
The Beauty Bar and Lounge


Danielle Sammut
2021 Miss New Jersey for America Strong
Judges & VIP Guest Relations


Joelle Joudeh
Lead Hair Stylist


Charine Campbell-Sillis
Lead Production



Kristen Starziano


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Keeping Families Close


Turning Shoes and Clothing into Opportunity

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