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Crystal Soy Candles 11oz

Crystal Soy Candles 11oz


Crystal Soy Candles 11oz

Delightful scent and crystal energy combine in these gorgeous wood wick candles.  Each unique genuine crystal is paired with a complementary aroma to improve the whole vibe of your living space.  With the crackling of the wood wick, these candles are a multi sensory experience.

11 oz soy wax candle

Tumbled Aventurine - Grapefruit Mint: Fresh, clean energizing scent paired with aventurine to help you feel more at ease in your world.

Fire Quartz - Blood Orange: Deep, warm citrus scent paired with fire quartz to clear away anxiety, mental distractions, fear, and doubt.

Tumbled Tiger Eye - Amber Driftwood:  Musky, and warm with a mineral edge, paired with tiger eye for confidence, strength, and courage.

Amethyst - Black Raspberry Vanilla:  Fruity, bright dessert scent, paired with amethyst for clarity, wisdom, and stress relief.

Sodalite - Ocean Breeze:  A fresh mineral scent with sodalite for order, calmness, truth, and communication.

Flourite - White Sage and Lavender:  Deep, green, and soothing, paired with flourite for sweeping out negative energy and ushering in joy.

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